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OnDemand Workouts

OnDemand Workouts

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Working Out With Your Kids

Do you workout with your kids?  If not, why?  Exercise is just as important for them as it is for you.  With so many kids sitting in front of a television and playing video games getting them up and moving can be difficult.  Although, if you are working out to a home fitness program with great music, chances are they are going to want to workout with you.

My daughters started working out with me when they were about 2 years old.  They couldn’t make it through a whole workout program of Turbo Jam, but they tried and they would rest when the needed to and would start again later in the workout.  It’s amazed me how much energy they have and what they can do now at the ages of 4 and 5 years old.  My 5 year old was able to work out right along side of my while I was doing any of the 40 minute or less length Insanity DVD’s!  How amazing is that!  I’ve heard so many people say Insanity it too hard and they don’t think they can do it.  And they are right, if you put it in your mind that you can’t do it, then you won’t be able to.  But when I tell them they don’t have to make it through the whole DVD the 1st time and it might take until the last weeks of the program before they are able to.  I then ask, do you think a 5 year old could do a program like Insanity, and every response is an immediate ‘No.’.  Then I proceed to tell them my 4 and 5 year old work right along side of me and after a few weeks they were able to make it through the whole length of the DVD they have more hope.

I even offer to have my kids workout with them because if my kids take a break on the longer DVD’s as I’m still working out, they are always cheering me on.  I might have a hard time not laughing and losing my breathe, but I love that they are encouraging me and keep feeding me positive thoughts.  So, working out with your kids isn’t just a benefit for your kids, they may also be your biggest motivators.  I will never forget my daughter expression on some of the workouts when she said ‘Wow mom you are really jumping high, great job.  Keep it up, you can do it.’ Working out with your kids can be as easy and turning on the television and pressing play on the DVD player.  I even find my kids starting up the videos and wanting to exercise on their own.

Here’s a link to a video from Charlene Johnson that I think makes a great point and I completely agree with. Click Here

Focus T25 Available Soon!

Shaun T has done it again, releasing another Beachbody workout. First  he had Hip Hop Abs and Rockin” Body , Shaun T had us moving and dancing off the pounds. Then came Insanity and Insanity:The Asylum that brought us the high intensity interval training (HIIT). Now Shaun T has done it again with a  new program called Focus T25.

What is the Focus T25 Workout? Well the great part it that is it a 25 minute workout that is only  5 days a week. It will give you the same results as a hour long workout. The program is broken down into 3 phases. Focus T25 begins with a foundation of the basic moves. Once you learn the moves and have them perfected Shaun T moves to the Core stage. Core Strength, Core Moves, Core Speed. Now you start to tone and tighten your body. Then comes the strength stage. Using dumbbell or resistance bands, you start to sculpt your body into the specimen it was meant to be.

60 days, 5 days a week, 25 minutes. You can do it! No Excuses!!

How to Explain Calorie Deficit

What is a calorie deficit?  How do you use a calorie deficit to lose weight?  How do your create a calorie deficit?  You may have heard me mention a calorie deficit on my blog post about Metabolism and wondered what it was.  A simple way to put it is you eat fewer calories than you burn.  But the next question after that is how do I know how many calories I am burning?  Do you need to do a bunch of calculations to figure this out?  How large of a calorie deficit do I need to lose weight?

If you like to use online tools that will help calculate how many calories you should be based on the information you provide.  But if you’re not into online calculators and just want a basic way to figure it out here’s the breakdown:

Non active lifestyle (desk job/no workouts):  Take your current weight in pounds and multiply that by 12 and that will equal the number of calories you need to maintain your calorie needs.

Moderately active (waiter or waitress and/or doing an entry level program like Power 90 or Hip Hop Abs): Take your Current weight in pounds multiply by 13 and that will equal the number of calories you need to maintain our calorie needs.

Highly active lifestyle (Construction worker and/or doing one of our elite programs like Insanity for Charlene Extreme):  Take your current weight in pounds multiply by 14 and that will equal the number of calories you need to maintain our calorie needs.

Once you have that number you subtract 500 calories and that should give you the safe 1 to 2 pounds per week weight loss.  But be sure to stay above 1,200 calories per day, anything under 1,200 for a long period of time could be dangerous.  On the contrary, if you are trying to gain muscle mass you will need to add 300 calories per day and doing a solid weight-training program such as Body Beast so those calories have somewhere to go and build muscle.

Now, don’t get stuck on these numbers and don’t think that if you did extra activity one day you can eat more calories because of it.  These are broad estimates, if you follow the calorie amounts for a week and are eating healthy calories you may have to drop the number another 200 or 300 calories to achieve some weight loss.  If that doesn’t work try adding 200 or 300 calories and play around.  You might be surprised that I say to add calories, but depending on how hard you are working out your body may need those extra calories and that may be why you aren’t achieving your weight loss goals.

The hardest part is going to be tracking all the calories you eat throughout the day, but it’s important for weight loss.  Less say that you have maintained your weight for the last year and you want to lose weight.  You count your calories for a week and see that you average 2,500 calories per day.  If you do that and nothing seems to work come on over to our Beachbody Message Boards and our team of advice staff and coaches will help narrow down the issue.