Get the Best Discounts on Fitness! Check out these Discount Shopping Sites!

I say thanks to the wonderful discount shopping sites. Are you ready to get your cash back while shopping online?

So now you must be wondering, “Ok how are they doing it?”

Cash back sites have affiliate relationships with stores the stores provide special links for each affiliate so they can track the origin of a purchase; whichever site generated the order receives the commission.

Important to note that cash back rebate sites aren’t stores only affiliate partners. Most deals and coupons lights many bloggers and even some search engine results use affiliate links, many product reviews also contain them.

Truth is cash back shopping sites share a cut of their commission with you.

Cash back shopping sites reviewed
You can receive 2 to 12 percent cash back from an good selection of online sellers (more than 2,000), including Walmart, Bath & Body Works, and Ralph Lauren. Once you accrue $20 in savings, the company mails you a check.
Score coupon codes for free shipping from 1,200 retailers, including Nordstrom and Sephora, in addition to earning as much as 25 percent cash back. And when you make your first purchase, the site will deposit an additional $5 into your account. Checks are mailed quarterly.
Use the comparison-shopping tool and the site displays all the merchants selling the item you want with retail prices, valid coupon codes, and cash-back amounts, which range from 1 to 30 percent cash back, depending on the retailer. Request your earnings, paid by check or via PayPal, at any time.
Receive e-mail alerts when a new deal is posted for a specific brand or product. Shoppers can get 1 to 40 percent cash back on their buys from merchants as varied as Sony, Orbitz, and Athleta. Once you earn $10, receive your money by check or via PayPal at any time.
Shoppers can get up to 70 percent cash back on their buys from merchants (over 4,000 online retailers) as varied as Apple Store, Tiger Direct, Expedia, Orbitz, FingerHut, and Quicken to name a few.  And if you sign up for the V.I.P. membership you will receive $20 for each referral signup. You do not have to go to the referral site to earn cash back if you download their toolbar icon. You receive your money monthly and can have it transferred to eWallet, Bank Transfer, or Cash Back Mastercard Debit Card.

Which One is Best?

Honestly it all depends on you and your preferences. I’ve used these sites and others but by far the easiest for me is because you don’t have to go to a special site in order to have your cash back applied to your order. I’ve been on a site and earned cash back without knowing it through them.


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