Small Steps to Weight-Loss

Small steps you take each day will lead to big changes.

When someone typically decides they want to lose weight what do they do?

Go on a diet and start exercising right?

A month later not even half of the people who start this routine stay accountable because 1- they made too many changes too fast, or 2- they didn’t have someone to help hold them accountable.

So what can you do?

First, start with small changes in diet. Don’t think you are going on a diet, this should be a lifestyle change. Start by tracking how many calories you are eating on a regular basis for 3 days to a week. Average out those calories per day and subtract 125 calories from that number and that would be a great place to start. 125 calories doesn’t sound like too hard right? That’s as simple as trading 1 can of soda for a glass of water, or one less serving of cereal a day. A small change like this will help over time. Of course if you add in exercise it will speed up the process, but you need to get used to the changes one step at a time especially if you’ve had continued failures with weight loss.

So by just cutting 125 calories out of your diet what can you expect? Well lets do the math. 125 calories a day for 30 days would be 3,750 calories in a month. Now to lose a pound you need to eliminate or burn 3,500 calories. So you would lose about a pound after the first month by only eliminating 125 calories per day. Sound easy enough, right. Continue with this for 1 year and you’d lose 13 pounds. 13 pounds lost in 1 year by making one small change. 

It also help to have someone there to help hold you accountable so you don’t go back to bad habits. It’s also helpful to have someone encouraging you to do more and give you ideas to help improve your health. Chances are if you find it easy to eliminate 125 a day after a few weeks you’ll decide to make more food choice changes. As you make more of those changes you will find you have more energy and if you have a coach to help you you would be encouraged to use that extra energy to take walks, go biking, or some other activity you would enjoy.

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