Advocare vs Shakeology Which Shake is Better?

First off, I’ve used both of these products. And after using and comparing both products I What Makes Shakeology Differentbecame an Independent Beachbody Coach. So what lead me to my decision when both of the Shakes are rated high and Shakeology is more expensive?

First I’m going to direct you to compare the products yourself and here is a comparison site that compares many different meal replacement shakes Compare Shakes. They rated Shakeology at an A- only because of the price which they took the price form Amazon, which is more expensive than ordering through Beachbody or through a Coach but probably one of the ways many people price compare. They rated Advocare at a B+ which Advocare received a higher rating for price thank Shakeology and they rate the same for Appetite Blocker, but Shakeology rated higher than Advocare in the other fields they compare. Second, I found the value in Shakeology when going though the list of ingredients. High quality with no artificial flavors and it taste great. I prefer the taste of Shakeology over Advocare. Also, Shakeology is the only meal replacement shake that has been clinically proven to make you lose weight, lower cholesterol, and lower blood sugar. And no added exercise needs to be added into your routine to get these benefits. I’ve had customers that had added benefits of being able to get off their sleeping pills and anxiety pills because of Shakeology. You can find a countless number of people making claims on both products. Both good and bad.

Here’s a video about Shakeologys clinical study:

The price breakdown:

Advocare: $44.95 per box, 14 pouches = $3.21 per Pouch/Serving
Shakeology: $129.95 per Bag, 30 servings = $4.33 per Serving
Shakeology Discount Coach Price: $97.46 per bag, 30 Servings = $3.25 per Serving
So for anyone that saying it cost TOO MUCH for Shakeology, if you become a discount coach the price is very similar to Advocare’s per serving price. As a coach you also get a 25% discount on all Beachbody products. 

Finally, the choice is yours. If you are just looking for something to hold off your appetite and price is an issue and you don’t feel comfortable being a discount coach, maybe Advocare is a better fit. But if you are in a situation that you need to lower your cholesterol or blood sugar I would highly suggest you look into Shakeolgoy. I had an easier time losing weight with Shakeolgoy than Advocare but that is my personal experience from using both products. Like I said, the choice is yours and no one can make the choice for you. Maybe you need to compare both products and go back and forth between the two to know which is better for your individual needs.

For me, the price as a discount coach and quality of the product spoke for itself.
For More Information on Advocare Click Here
For More Information on Shakeolgoy Click Here
For Information on Being a Coach Click Here

3 thoughts on “Advocare vs Shakeology Which Shake is Better?

  1. A couple of things you left out in your comparison. As a Beach Body “Coach”, you also have to pay $15/mth + other fees for your website and so on. This would make Shakeology about $3.75/shake. With Advocare, you can sign up to be a distributor, without being “in the business”, which allows you to get the meal replacement for $36 or $2.57/shake. Based on this detail, Advocare is about $1.18/shake less expensive. And if you choose to make Advocare a business, like being a “coach” with Team Beach Body, the cost difference is almost $2 each. I haven’t tried Shakeology, but it has recently been pushed on me. I’ve yet to see a significant difference in the ingredient content, other than Shakeology claims to be loaded with “superfruits”.

    • I’m sorry that Shakeology was pushed on you by anyone. I have friends with an Advocare Distributor and we gathered a group together for a weight-loss challenge. The group of participants were not pushed to use any of our products but by the end of the challenge the had tried samples of both. Every person who tried both replacement shakes preferred Shakeology because of taste hands down. Beachbody does offer a cheaper meal replacement shake if that’s what someone is looking for. I’m not against Advocare products, I use the Spark Energy Drinks when I need a boost, but I have not found a better tasting meal replacement shake available and if I’m drinking it every day it has to taste good.

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