Shakeology Clinically Proven Results

So customers have made claims for years that Shakeology has helped them lose weight, lower their cholesterol, and lower their blood sugar. Well, they were all claims based on customers experiences and what their doctors have told them. They know what they did, but we had no clinical evidence. Now there is evidence to prove these claims are correct!

The study conducted about how effective Shakeology is was done by Medicus Industries Inc. They are the leading organization for studies in clinical trials. Jay Udani M.D. CPI, CEO and Medical Director of Medicus Industries Inc. was on the research team. Participants in the clinical trials were tested every 30 days for 90 days. They also had to report daily results, and verify the drank their Shakeology through an app daily. Participants were told to replace their breakfast and lunch with Shakeology. Over the 90 days they had a steady weight loss, average 7% cholesterol reduction and average 5% blood sugar reduction.

Not only does not other meal replacement shake give you those results, did you notice I didn’t mention they were told to be an a restricted calorie diet or follow an exercise plan? The participants were told to eat as they normally would and exercise as they normally would, so if they didn’t exercise normally, they weren’t told to add any exercise and they still received these results. Who do you know that could benefit from Shakeology?

Find out more about Shakeolgoy by clicking HERE.

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