Birthday Challenges

On October 1, Steve Edwards started his Birthday Challenge, and many are doing it with him! Why do a “Birthday Challenge” instead of just enjoying (or dreading) the approach of the coming year?

Steve explains. “The beauty of a birthday challenge is that you can tailor something that is just for you, depending upon your feeling or mood at any place in your life. One year you may focus on a personal strength, the next on a weakness. You may choose it to be physical, mental, or a combination of both. It can be one, short hard task or a year-long epic. It’s entirely up to you; and because of this, you can end up challenging yourself like no event tailored for the masses could ever do.

Having someone say “You can’t do that” is a great motivator. The reason is because I believe that we, as a society, have become too obsessed with living our lives on someone else’s terms. We have become scared to do things our own way because others may frown on it, or worse, we may get hurt, lose some possessions, or our societal standing.

The motto at is Live Your Life because, at least in our opinion, too many of us have become too frightened to follow our dreams. We live our lives in fear, but I’m always wondering just what is it that we fear. Failure? Losing? Pain? Suffering? These are all part of life. These things add experience, they make our lives rich, fulfilling, they make us human.”


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