GMO Myths – buy organic

I started my Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) research a year ago and was able to notice a difference in my daughter. I made the switch right away for her and when I notice the huge difference I bought as much organic and whole food items as I could find. I found most of my information from the Non GMO Project.

14 best veggiesA little history; my daughter had a constipation problem for two years. I put her on probiotics and that worked for about a year as well as helped build her immune system.  Then when that wasn’t working I was in search of what to do next.  I was told to try laxatives, I’m sorry but I do not feel that is a way to treat a problem for the long term.  I was trying to find a way to change her diet.  I gave her more fiber, put flax seed in her oatmeal, and even gave her up to 3 Fiber One bars a day and she could still go 5 to 8 days without a bowel movement (sometimes up to 15 days).  I was getting desperate, then my aunt told me she heard on the radio that switching to Non GMO had helped people with constipation issues in as little as 2 weeks.  So I was all for it.

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It was much harder finding Non GMO items a year ago than it is today. Last year when I went to Walmart I only found 2 times after over an hour in the store, today I can find more than 10 in a short period of time. Some of that is because I know what to look for, but it’s more that the brands are being carried more. A year ago I asked for help finding Non GMO items and the dietitian wasn’t much help, but today they are more aware and more brands are labeling their items.

Another misconception is that organic produce and Non GMO are much more expensive. Actually, they are more fulfilling and more nutrient dense so your body isn’t needing as much food as often. The price can balance out depending on your eating habits.

You can find out more of what I went through last year when searching for Non GMO’s here.


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