Do you know HOW Important Exercise is?

Why is exercise important? Everyone knows that exercise is important but do you know how important is exercise? Yes we know it helps us control our weight and hear that we need to walk at least 10,000 steps a day to keep our heart healthy. Everyone says that exercising helps you sleep better and gives you more energy during the day. But that’s just the tip of the ice burg. Exercising has so many more benefits and some of them may surprise you.

50 Reasons to Exercise

Daily exercise puts you in a better mood and builds self-esteem. Has anti-ageing effects and improves your skin tone and color. Alleviates anxiety and boosts productivity and creative thinking.

Improves your learning abilities and improves your mental health. Sharpens memory and give you confidence that helps you keep focused on life.

Boost your immune system and reduces stress. Helps prevent strokes, improves joint function, and muscle strength. Helps control addictions. Exercising lowers the risk of certain cancers, risk of diabetes, and lessens fatigue.

Improves body image and eating habits. Exercising also improves endurance, sports performance, pain resistance, balance, coordination, oxygen supply to cells, and concentration.

Now do you know the benefits of exercise and the true importance? Do you have any of the above concerns? It is worth it to you to exercise if you knew you’d be living a better life?

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