Health and Fitness Challenge Starts Sept 1st!

I’ve decided to start a health and fitness challenge starting Sunday, September 1st 2013. It’ll be your choice if you want to be apart of the group for 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. I know these are the toughest months of the year to watch what you eat with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So the Facebook support group is going to be a support and accountability group. These are also the months where is it easy to get off track and when you usually need someone the most.

I will create a Private Facebook Group and will add you to it for those that are interested. So in this support group we’ll give tips and motivation as well as share meals and recipes throughout the week. We will be following whatever fitness program you choose. We are just focusing on eating healthy and keeping each other motivated.

I will ask you to take your weight and measurements the day before we start but I will not be asking you what they are. They are for you to help keep track of your progress. The reason I ask you to take both is because I found that weeks I don’t lose weight I usually lose inches and that helps keep me motivated versus only looking at the scale.

I will ask you to post daily and will have a point system in place. After the 1st 30 days I will give away a Shakeology T-Shirt, another one after 60 days, and I will have another prize for the person who get’s the highest points after 90 days! The winner of 90 days might win a choice of a Beachbody program.

You are the Obstacle

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • 1 pt for drinking 8 glasses of water and posting it each day
  • 2 pts for posting the days you are under your calorie intake goals
  • 2 pts for posting your weekly progress each Saturday or as we’ll call them STATurday (you will only post your progress as pounds gained or lost and inches gained or lost)
  • 3 pts for posting a motivational poster/picture to the group
  • 5 pts for posting a recipe you’ve tried to the group with a picture of the meal
  • 10 pts for referring a friend to the group

I’m not giving extra points for working out because that is not my focus on this group. Weight loss if 70 to 80% diet so I consider these factors more important for this group. If you are working out great. Post your workouts and tell us how they’re going for you. We’re here to support you. Also, if you are working out everyday and posting your workouts you will be motivating others as well.

As I mentioned before this is 100% free to be a part of the group. If you’re interested in more information of other challenge groups visit

If you’re not friends with me on FB Friend me and send me a message that you are interested in being in the September Challenge Group.


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