Do you Workout When You’re Sick?

Do you workout when you’re sick? Personally it depends on how sick I am. If I have enough energy to do a light or moderate workout I will workout. But there are times your body just needs the rest. Same flies for when my kids are sick. If they are up most of the night for a couple days in a row and kept me up each night depending on how sleep deprived I am I will not workout. I keep watching what I eat and have my Shakeology everyday to provide my nutrients and extra antioxidants.

I recently did’t work out 3 days in a row because I was up with my girls because they weren’t feeling well. They had me up for the day more than an hour before I normally got up to work out and unfortunately for me they took naps in the morning while I was gone to work so they had energy when I got home and at least 1 of them didn’t go to bed early while the other was getting me up in the middle of the night because they didn’t feel well. It’s like they are working against me! I know they aren’t really working against me but I’m sure any parent out there with kids knows what I mean.

TomorrowI’m restarting my thirds week of Focus T25 over again since I missed a few days in a row. Normally if I missed a day I would make it up on my day off, but since I missed more than one I’m going to just do a restart. The extra practice on the moves won’t hurt me anyway.

There’s an article at WebMD and the Mayo Clinic that pretty much says the same thing. If you can exercise go ahead and do it, but if you honestly feel you can’t even with moderation then you need the rest.


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