My Kids don’t like Shakeology

I have this issue where I’ve tried all four of the Shakeology flavors in a shake  or ice cream like to get my kids to like it and they don’t. I’ve read so many reviews and people talking about their kids stealing their Shakeology shakes on them but my kids won’t drink them. I’ve mixed fruit (fresh and frozen), milk, orange juice and I’ve made it thick and thin. They’ve never liked it. So I made the Vanilla Creamsicle recipe and put it in the freezer to make a healthy ice cream popsicle out of it. My youngest (4 years old) like it, but my oldest (5 years old) did not. My oldest is the one that needs to be on probiotics, prebiotics, and phytonutrients and Shakeology is the easiest and cheapest way to get her to get her daily dose.

So today I tried the No Bake Shakeology Cookies. They are simple enough, not many ingredients and don’t take much time to mix up.  So we’ll see what they say. My 5 year old also it’s a huge chocolate fan so I didn’t use as much Shakeology as the recipe calls for. I only used 1 scoop of Shakeology instead of 1 cup.

Here is a link to a video showing how easy it is to make even if you don’t bake.

I will let you know how the kids respond to the cookies. I’ve learned I have to wait for the real response because they always say they like almost everything I make whenever they take their first bite and with the cookies being small they may be able to eat a full cookie even if they won’t eat one later.

If this is a hit I’ll be trying other dessert items as well. Another great thing is that it’ll be easy to make these on vacation or take on a road trip!

Have you ordered your Shakeology?


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