Time changes, weather, and weight

Are you the type of person who is able to lose the weight in the spring and summer, but gain it back in the winter? No, you’re probably not hibernating, but you are less active. Not only are you less active because the weather isn’t as nice, but during the time change it gets darker at night which means you’re not going to be out and about as much as you are during the summer.

Daylight Savings time ends in November and then December 21st is the day with the shortest amount of daylight so you probably have the least amount of activity during this time and the following month or two. Not only are we normally less active these months we have Halloween the end of October, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas and holiday parties in December/January. I add January because many companies in our area are doing holiday parties in January to avoid them being scheduled the same day as a family holiday event. I know the personally October through January are the hardest days for me to get through because there are so many tempting foods.

After 3 months of pigging out and being inactive yes we are all ready for a lose weight New Years Resolution right? Well I used to say ‘Yes.” to that question until the year I committed to eating right and counting my calories starting September 1st. I committed to eating properly and lost weight, even kept myself from eating too much on holidays. I didn’t lose a whole lot, but I seemed to be losing because everyone else around me was gaining! And come January everyone wanted to know what my secret was. Secret? Really, my secret was if I went to a holiday or event I limited myself to 1 desert and ate my regular meals. Sometimes I had to eat before I went knowing there wouldn’t be many things that I would consider eating normally, so why pig out on them. I would have a stash of healthy snacks in the car incase I got hungry or temped.

Are you ready to join me and get motivated?


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