Are You One of The Obese Statistics?

Are you one of the obese statistics? If you are the average american you probably are. It’s unfortunate how our meals have changed over the years.  How many times a week do you go to a fast-food restaurant? They are quick and convenient and are great when you’re on the go. But do you stop on a regular basis? Shakeology is my nutrition dense fast food meal during my day.

It’s not just adults that are having the issues with weight and health problems it’s kids too. How many times have you stopped at a fast food restaurant with your kids in the car and only got something for yourself, either never or very seldom right? I know kids burn a lot of calories during the day if they are running around and playing but honestly they don’t need to be eating that many calories and the number of kids that play video games and play on the computer rises by the hour.

Did you know being obese can cost you nine years of your life? And the last of those years probably aren’t going to be the most pleasant. You can save your health and possibly medical bills if you can commit to getting and staying fit and healthy. The battle to lose the weight is 70% eating habits. Are you willing to make the change in order to spend another 9 years with your friends, family, children, or grandchildren. I am, and I like to help you.

You can join my team for free and I can help guide you to reach your goals. Join for Free.

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