How To Enhance Your Daily Workout

So the weather has been cooperating and you’ve started walking, doing more outdoor activities to get more exercise.  You’ve even started using those dreaded stairs at work and anywhere else you’ve found stairs to climb.  You lost some weight, but want to step it up.  How do you enhance your daily workout?  Do you need to add another activity?  How much time will another activity take up?

What can you do so you don’t have to add more time to your workout?  Add weight.  I’m not telling you to pig out and eat what you want to gain a few pounds.  Go invest in something that will give you resistance.  If you are walking or climbing stairs add either ankle weights or hand weights to increase your resistance and help build better cardio in the process.

Have you tried working out at a different time during your day?  Your body may just be used to you working out at the same time and saves it energy for fat burning for that time of day. Even switch it up and workout for half the amount of time in the morning and do the other half in the afternoon or evening.  This may be just what you need to ‘trick’ your body and get over your plateau or just get those last few pounds off.

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