Heart Rate Calculator for Weight Loss

Heart rate training benefits everyone.  Whether your a beginner trying to lose weight, improving your cardiovascular fitness, or a highly trained athlete training for a competition.  You can do this with a heart rate calculator.  Knowing your heart rate zones to meet your goals are important.

According to the Mayo Clinic you calculate your Maximum Heart RAte (MHR) by roughly calculating 220 minus your age and that is the upper limit of what your cardiovascular system can handle during physical activity.  Calculating this way may be off to 10 to 20 beats per minute because your fitness level isn’t taken into account.  So you will need to find your heart rate levels.

Resting Heart Rate  To find your resting heart rate take your pulse in the morning before getting out o bed.  Do this a few mornings in a row to get a consistent reading.

Heart Rate Reserve  To find our heart rate reserve you subtract your resting heart rate from your maximum heart rate.

Aerobic Training Rate-Fat Burning  The aerobic training heart rate is for Fat-Burning.  Fat-Burning range is 50% to 75% of your heart rate reserve.

Aerobic Training Rate For Fitness  The aerobic training rate for fitness is to improve aerobic endurance and is 75% to 85% of the heart-rate reserve.

Aerobic – Anaerobic Heart-Rate Range  This represents a high limit of aerobic exercise where you are almost to the point of pushing yourself to an exhaustive anaerobic workout.  This is the type of exercise that is usually done to improve athletic performance, not for weight loss.  This is 85% to 90% of your heart rate reserve.

Anaerobic Training Heart-Rate Range  This is when you put everything on the line and give it your all.  This represents 90% to 100% of your heart-rate reserve.  When you are in this range you are going as fast as you can, and hard as you can, as long as you can.

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