Healthy Soft Foods to Look Forward to After Wisdom Teeth Pulled

Okay, yesterday I got my wisdom tooth pulled and started the process of getting a crown as well.  So for the next couple of days I have to eat ‘soft’ foods.  Gee, gotta love the fact the first thing everyone thinks about is ice cream.  Yes it is soothing, but healthy options that are easy to take to work can get complicated.  Instant oatmeal was another suggestion, which is healthier but I eat oatmeal on a regular basis.  My first thought after the ice cream thought was Shakeology!  It’s the most nutritious meal replacement shake you can find.

It’s just another reason for me to look up more Shakeology meal replacement recipes, but I’ll probably be thinking of more ice cream consistency recipes!  Not only is it cold, but is an extremely healthy nutrient dense shake that can be frozen for the ice cream consistency.  Hum, maybe I’ll have to try some of the pudding recipes as well!  The ideas are endless and the healthiest meal/snack I can come up with.  We’ll see what transpires the next couple of days.

It might be a little complicated with work and the holiday coming up, but I need to eat something and I’ll spend less time mixing up Shakeology in anything versus cooking a meal or preparing something easy to take to work, and the nutrition won’t come close to Shakeology.  I am so thankful to have Shakeology in my life right now, it’s going to be providing me with many more options that I would ever have before being introduced to Shakeology.

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