Eating Sugar-Simplified

Sugars are good for your and bad for you at the same time.  It just depends on what type of sugar you are eating, when, and how much.  I’m going to try to put this together in a simple way to explain eating sugars.

1. Know how it works. Sugars work that same way as simple carbohydrates.  It is absorbed into your blood, where if you consume the right amount it will create insulin in your system that will convert to energy.  However, f you consume too much sugar your insulting skies and will store it as body fat.  If your blood sugar spikes too often the insulin works to hard converting fat and this can lead to a number of other issues including Type 2 diabetes and heart problems.  Eating fruits and vegetable that naturally contain sugar changes the process the body uses.  The body checks for fiber first, which slows the absorption of sugar.  However, eating foods with added sugar can overwhelm the usual checks and balances your body does, causing problems with blood sugar spikes.  You can get all the sugar you need for natural sugars in fruit and vegetables, and if you can stick with that; that’s great.  For the rest of us, there re some times when refined sugar is okay or even beneficial.  But the trick is moderation.

2. Less is more.  That spoonful of sugar you put in your tea or coffee in the morning isn’t many calories.  And if you live a highly active lifestyle it won’t matter.  But if you are trying to lose weight eating at a calorie deficit, you’re going to want to skip the added sugar in your coffee or tea.

3. It’s hiding everywhere.  Some sweetened foods are obvious like Soda, cookies, and cake.  But manufactures add High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and other sugars to an unimaginable amount of foods because it adds flavor.  Read the labels, every label.  I’ve found sugar added to condiments and were able to find brands that did not contain sugar that taste great.

4.  The sugar in fruit is not bad for you.  Yes fruit can have large amounts of sugar but it usually has a large amount of fiber, which slows the sugar absorption down which makes it a great way to et your simple carbs with out spiking your insulin.  Another benefit of fruit is that it usually contains a large amount of water which is an added benefit.  Think about Shakeology, it has sugar, but the protein and fiber slowdown absorption, and the massive amount of nutrients make it worthwhile.

5. Occasional sugar high is good.  In the case where your maxed out your energy because of a killer workout you’ve probably left yourself tired and shaky.  In this situation a quick sugar burst is a good idea.  If your truly worked out that hard you won’t come anywhere close to storing that sugar as fat.

So there you go.  As simple as I can explain the good and the bad of sugars.



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