Tips for Essential Home Workout Gear

I thought I’d share this article, 10 Tips on Workout Gear, because it’ll save you a lot of time and answer many commonly ask questions.  I myself had many of the same questions when I started doing home workouts.  I like the fact that when I workout at home I don’t need the top brands of workout shorts, pants, or tops but there are some key things that even some people going to the gym overlook.

Personally I don’t have an exercise mat, but I work out on a carpeted area and the carpet has a very thick pad under it.  If I was working out on a low pile carpet I’d use a mat or on any surface that didn’t feel comfortable to lay on.

Choosing the right shoe.  Okay, I admit it took me a long time to buy something other than a running shoe until I started Insanity.  Cross trainers were a must have for the type of workout and side to side motion support I needed.  I went to an athletic shoe store and talked to them about the workouts I was going to be doing and that my running shoes were getting beaten up from.  Doing the research and finding the right shoe for your foot and type of exercise you’re going is well worth the effort.

Get a Professional Fit and treat your feet with respect.  Yes the professionals can help fit you and tell you more about your feet and your needs for shoes.  Even if you need to spend an afternoon with them it’s well worth it.  And be sure to change your shoes often enough.  There are many times I think my shoes are fine until I try on a new pair and realize I’m not doing my feet any justice working out in my current shoes.  Although my current shoes may not show wear and tear, the support is usually breaking down and goes unnoticed unless I try on new shoes.

Workout socks.  Just as important as shoes.  This is another one that I ignored until I couldn’t get my feet to stop sweating and was getting athlete’s foot on a regular basis.  You must have high performance socks when working out and I mean don’t feel afraid to pay $10 for 1 pair because it’ll be worth it.  And definitely only use those socks for when you are working out.

Always layer when you are working out.  As you work out your body temperature rises and you are getting hot.  Layer so you are able to cool yourself down and keep from over heating.

Always have water available.  You need to stay hydrated throughout your workouts and throughout the day.  Always have your water bottle in hand.  I find I drink more water when I have a drinking bottle with a straw.  I’m not a huge fan of drinking plain water but I do make sure I get my required amount of ounces in each day. (1/2 my weight in ounces)

Now the showering with hot and switching to cold was a new one for me and I never tried putting ice on the muscles I’ve been workout to help with recovery time.  I always new taking a shower helped with circulation but may need to try these with some intense workouts to see how well they work out for me.


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