What Healthy Foods Should I Have in my Pantry? Part 2

What healthy food should you have in your pantry? These are additions to yesterdays list of pantry foods you should have available.

9. Whole-grain pasta
 There’s a trend in the pasta market, with brands now offering more whole-grain versions. Not all are created equal and they can taste different from brand to brand.  Don’t just try one brand; you may need to do some sampling to find one you will like.  Most of my family members don’t like Whole-grain so I found Spelt pasta has similar nutrients and taste like the flour based versions.

10. Tomato sauce
 Tomatoes great because they are full of the antioxidant lycopene.  But did you know cooked tomatoes have even more lycopene than raw tomatoes? So canned and cooked tomatoes are actually a healthier choice than the farmers’ fresh market tomatoes. Canned tomatoes, sauce, and paste are all great ways to get all the nutrition the tomato packs in, but of course, watch the sodium content.

11. Brown rice
 Rice has an incredibly long shelf life and is easy to prepare, and brown rice and wild rice have lots of fiber. And now, there are even microwavable versions available!

12. Nuts
 Nuts are a great snack. They’re filling and high in omega-3s. They’re also high in fat, though, so portion control is a must. And did you know that if you soak your nuts in water they are better for you?  They help improve digestion and help in weight-loss when soaked in water.

13. Flaxseed
 This usually has to be refrigerated after it’s been opened, but having ground flaxseed on hand is a great way to add fiber and some heart-healthy omega-3’s to your diet. It can be a taste/texture that needs to be acquired.  I start with a pinch, then work my self up to a teaspoon worth gradually. You can add a couple of teaspoons to a smoothie, a bowl of oatmeal, or a salad.

14. Tea 
Health wise green tea is probably your best answer. But black tea has healthy properties as well, and herbal teas offer a whole range of benefits.

15. Condiments 
I’m not talking about ketchup or mayo here.  The healthier more savory condiments are you vinegars, mustards, and hot sauces.  They can make a drab dish more sensational

16. Shakeology
 When stocking your pantry, it’s important to have healthy meals and snacks that can be made quickly. One of our favorites is Shakeology because it’s a low-calorie, delicious meal that packs a serious protein punch, but even more important is it a source of serious nutrition in an efficient serving. This shake, referred to as “The Healthiest Meal of the Day” can help curb cravings for other not-so-healthy options. Plus, it’s easy to change the flavor by mixing it with other tasty ingredients (such as nut butters or fruit) so even if you enjoy it every day, you won’t get bored.


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