How to Stay Fit While Traveling

When you travel or work or vacation do you keep up on your fitness routine or does it go by the wayside?  You want to stay fit while your traveling, but don’t know how.  It’s easy to pack on some extra pounds while dining out, sitting in meetings, and living it up at the hotel bar.  But you really don’t want to return home in worse shape than when you left do you?  Make your time away more satisfying by staying active and keeping your mind and body in check.  Try a few of these helpful habits and you’ll have a more effective getaway.

1. Bring fitness DVDs for your laptop Throw a fitness DVD or two into the computer bag, and pop one in first thing each morning. Do a quick workout in the morning and you’ll see how much easier it is to resist the temptations at the breakfast buffet. The rest of the day, skip the computer. Aren’t you trying to get away from it all? Leave the laptop and all that seated screen time back at the hotel.

2. Explore the local area on foot 
If you really want to get a feel for an area, the best way to see it is by walking. Skip the car ride unless you’re late, it’s raining like crazy, or your destination is more than a mile or two away. Instead of eating at the hotel walk to a nearby breakfast place.  You will probably get a more satisfying meal at a fraction of the cost of the hotel restaurant.

3. Use the hotel gym
 If your a person that thrives on routine and have a regular gym schedule that’s working for you, then continue it while you’re away. Keep your healthy habit going, and it won’t be a struggle to get back to it when you return home. Most hotels have some sort of gym or exercise facility. Even if it just has a room with a couple of stationery bikes—use it! Or you may find out that your hotel has a huge, glamorous gym with machines you’ve never used before. It’s like being a kid at a new playground! Travel is about experiencing new things. Why not apply this attitude to your exercise routine as well? Sometimes the same old exercises in a new setting makes a difference in your routine.

4. Take the stairs
 This one’s easy. Never, ever take the elevator, unless have heavy luggage. No excuses. It doesn’t matter how many flights up your room is. Even if you think you can lug your luggage all the way up the stairs and find out it was much more than what you bargained for guess what? They have an elevator on every floor and you can finish by taking your luggage in the elevator. You might want to book a high floor for better views from the room, and more calories burned to get there!

5. Discover local fitness activities
 No matter where you go, there’s probably some kind of sport or physical activity that’s popular in the area. Think about going skiing, hiking, or climbing if you’re in the mountains, take a surfing lesson,  boogie-boarding, or swim in the ocean.  Near a river or lake? Spend an afternoon canoeing, sailing, or rafting. There are many different opportunities to choose from, look them over and choose some.  You never know how much you may enjoy something you’ve never thought of trying before.

There are many more things you can do while away traveling you just need to put yourself out there and look.  It’s worth giving it a try so you don’t undo what you’ve worked so hard for to begin with.

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