Why Should I have a Compatible Workout Buddy To Exercise With?

Why do you need someone compatible with you to exercise with? You have goals, but if your workout buddy doesn’t have similar goals or help motivate you they aren’t helping much.  Friends and family or co-workers are great workout buddies if they are compatible with your workout style and type of workouts you enjoy.  Some churches have wellness groups and you can find support there if you need someone knocking at your door to keep you on track.  There are several online tools to help you find a workout buddy if you don’t know anyone with same motivation or goals you have.

Having a friend, family member or co-worker for a fitness buddy is great motivation as long as you both stay motivated.  Online programs are great and have accountability, but most of them you have to log in to stay accountable so it’s easy to fall off the bandwagon.  Having a coach helps prevent that because they can email you can call you to see how you’ve been doing.  They are experienced with many programs and they can connect you with someone else doing the same home fitness program you are using.

Watch this video about having an online coach.  If you are interested in signing up with a free account visit www.BeFitWithMe.co, you will be connected with a free account to help track your progress as well as a free fitness coach.


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